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Cold foam: Iced coffee might never be the same

The world of cold brew coffee could become a slightly larger one, thanks to Blendtec’s latest innovation.

Cold foam might not be a brand new culinary experiment. It’s now easier to make silky milk foam thanks to the blending experts of the American brand.

Easy cold foam in just 18 seconds? Sign us up!

Achieving cold foam excellence has been made easy thanks to Blendtec developing a new jar which turns 150ml of cold skimmed milk into silky smooth, mousse-like thick foam in under 20 seconds.

Blendtec blenders can do this as the jar includes a circular blade with two holes that essentially whip the milk rather than blend. Like a steam wand, these holes add air to the milk without the associated heat.

What you end up with is light, fluffy milk foam that looks and tastes superb.

Whether used on its own to top iced coffees or flavoured with any number of other ingredients, it’s so quick and simple to achieve.

Becoming a firm staple with high-street chain and independent coffee shops this is the easy way to add a speciality cold coffee to your summer menu.

No need to invest time or money in nitro or cold brew equipment.

Another benefit? The method is suitable for any staff who have already been trained in operating a blender, unlike other more involved speciality cold coffee options.


While in operation, the cold foam jar performs 2 main functions:

  1. Produces air that is dispersed within the milk during a liquid or aqueous phase, known as an “in air interface”.
  2. Unfolds water-soluble proteins within the milk, which bond to each other and stabilise the air produced within bubble walls, causing the milk to foam.


  1. Add 150ml cold skimmed milk to cold foam jar
  2. Blend for 18 seconds on the small milkshake cycle on any Blendtec blender
  3. Alternatively, you can give this video from our friends at Beyond the Bean a watch and learn how to do it in mere seconds: