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How to make a cappuccino – Barista Tips

How to make a cappuccino

The cappuccino is a difficult coffee to make, it’s not unattainable by the home coffee maker, and beginner baristas need not be scared by the difficulty-level of the cappuccino.

It is true that the cappuccino is a delicate coffee, but we will help you to master the steam wand and make the best espresso cappuccino possible.

We’re confident that with our tips and video instructions, that you will be making top-class cappuccinos in no time.

First let’s examine the DNA of a cappucino.

To make the drink we should have approximately 150ml or 50z of beverage.

25ml of espresso coffee and around 85ml of milk. Our foaming of the milk is what gives us the additional size and volume in our cup.

Volumes may change slightly if a double espresso is made of course.

Right so we’ve covered what makes a cappuccino, but now we can discuss how to make a cappucino.

We enlisted the help of Paul Meikle-Janney, Head Judge for the World Latte Art Championship, who with the help of a Brasilia Excelsior machine gives us a detailed rundown of the steps in how to make a cappuccino perfectly every time.

Follow the steps and with a bit of practice you will be able to make the perfect cappuccino.