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How to make iced coffee

how to make iced coffee

Hot weather and hot drinks don’t mix too well, we understand that even if we are in the business of selling hot drink machines.

Sipping on a cold drink on a scorching day is something we don’t tend to get to experience much in the UK, but when the Sun puts his hat on, we ourselves are partial to a lovely cold brew coffee.

A great refreshing way to get a caffeine fix, cold brew coffee is supremely popular on the continent and with good reason, after all, nobody wants to drink piping hot coffee when it’s scorching outside. So listen up, we’re going to show you how to make it…

Iced coffee is quite expensive to buy in your local coffee shop. It could set you back at least £3 in a UK coffee shop chain, but by making cold brew at home, you can save a small fortune and make great coffee in the process.

Although making cold brew isn’t exactly difficult, you will need to have a little patience, cold brew coffee is not really viable in minutes. This will be an overnight endeavour.

Just make sure you all of the items to get cracking.


  • A vessel – preferably a jug of some kind, we recommend a Hario cold brew pot which makes around 4 average cups of cold brew.
  • 100g of coffee beans – grind to a medium-coarse setting
  • Space in the fridge
  • Ice cubes
  • Patience

Now you have all the equipment you’ll need, we can get on the with the actual cold brewing!


Step 1: Mix the coffee grounds and water


Add your ground coffee to the filter basket of your vessel. 


Now pour cold water into the filter basket and grounds until the grounds saturate the water. Stir with a spoon or, even better, some chopsticks whilst the water drips through.

Now fill the rest of the vessel with water until full.


Step 2: Put in the fridge overnight

In a perfect world, you need at least 12 hours of cold brewing in the fridge. This might not always be possible, but is the ideal scenario for well-rounded and fuller-tasting cold brewed coffee.

You’ll notice the liquid get increasingly darker if you check back regularly — we are not recommending constantly opening the fridge and disturbing the process though!

Step 3: Pour over ice

So long as you have given your coffee plenty of time to brew in the fridge overnight, you will be left with an extremely dark coloured coffee.

Much darker than a usual cup of hot coffee.


It’s a very concentrated taste, as it will have had much, much longer to brew than your usual coffee.

To dilute the coffee down a little bit further, simply add a bit more water or milk once pouring over ice, or whatever happens to be to your tastes. Add a squirt of whipped cream and you’ve got yourself an amazing summertime treat.

Voila. You’ve made cold brew coffee at a fraction of the cost of one of the big coffee chains or your local coffee shop.

Just remember to keep the coffee in the fridge if you don’t drink it all in one go — which we don’t recommend despite the addictiveness!

And if you are looking for a coffee that makes an amazing cold brew, then you should take a look at our speciality coffee, the nuanced taste and flavour profiles make these an excellent option!