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Is this the best latte art ever?

One Seoul-based barista has taken latte art to another galaxy with a brand of foam-related masterpieces that are simply out of this world.

Lee Kang Bin has taken inspiration from films, television and popular culture to create the most intricate coffee creations we’ve ever seen.

Taking approximately 15 minutes per drink, the delicate process of painting famous faces, iconic art and even wildly popular Disney characters are added using food colouring.

Whilst this isn’t the first time that someone has used food colouring to provide a new take on foamed milk, Lee has created some incredible drinkable ‘latte art’.

Lee’s most recognisable ‘latte art-art’ is that of Dutch impressionist and ear-slicer extraordinaire Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ and Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’.


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Armed Forces Experience with every Coffee

Garnering a steady-growing following on Instagram, Lee first began creating coffee for fellow soldiers whilst on mandatory military service at just 17.

Now aged just 26, the South Korean owns his own cafe and sells these milk foam masterpieces for 10,000 won – or approximately £6.74 per brew.

What’s more amazing is that Lee has never had any formal training or drawing lessons to call upon whilst painting on his caffeine canvas.

South Korea is currently experiencing a coffee boom, with the country doubling the amount of coffee consumed since early 1990. No doubt the increase in interest and potential for a business venture has helped push the boundaries of coffee within the Asian nation.

We are wondering just how Mr Kang Bin is going to top his efforts when he’s already recreating internationally renowned works of art? Maybe a few minions or whoever is big on Love Island at the time because we’re pretty sure that it’s a slippery slope downward if you’re already recreating Van Gogh in the cup!

Ideally, Mr Kang Bin might give us a few lessons because he seriously puts our attempts at latte art to shame! Now…when’s the next flight to Seoul?…


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