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National Tea Day 2018: The Ultimate Fes-Tea-val

National Tea Day

Overlooked, underappreciated but never understated, National Tea Day should, in reality, be one of the crowning days in the British calendar.

Some might say ‘well, every day is tea day isn’t it?’, to those people we say ‘no!’, but it should be!

In Britain we are tied to tea, it’s part of a national stereotype that has spread across the globe. All with good reason we should add. Because we bloody love our tea!

It’s because of this adoration of brewed leaves that we have National Tea Day.

Created to help us celebrate all aspects of our national hot drink – although coffee is closing in pretty fast – there are a huge variety of ways to either get involved or keep up with the action during this fes-tea-val of Camellia sinensis.

When is National Tea Day?

  • 21st April 2018

What events are held?

  • The Fes-Tea-Val is held at Chiswick House & Gardens on the 21st and 22nd Apil 2018 for all to celebrate. 
  • From 10 am to 5 pm on both days you can enjoy stalls, baking sessions, mixology masterclasses and even top DJ’s!

How much does it cost to go?

  • £10

The ideal scenario would be that all of Britain’s tea lovers would descend on the venue for an almighty event worthy of the ages.

But, we know that isn’t plausible or even possible, so for those wanting to celebrate without heading down South we’ve got a few tips for a proper cup of tea to help celebrate.

If you’re gagging for a cuppa, but don’t quite know where to go, then the wonderful folks behind the entire shindig have a dedicated ‘Tea Near Me’ section to help you find a lovely tearoom or cafe to relax and enjoy a fabulous tea – be that fruity or classic.

You can find it here: www.teanearme.co.uk

Should you want to make your own Earl Grey, then you’ll need some high-quality kit.

Serving mass amounts of tea is made easy with the right kit and allows you to have instant access to boiling water for exquisite chai, fruit and traditional tea at a moments notice.

Whilst we don’t recommend sugar, some like the taste. Cubes being the most classic British option.

Or if you’re not fussed about the fancy way to enjoy your morning cup, then just chuck a teabag in a mug.

If you’d like to learn more about National Tea Day, then click here: www.nationalteaday.co.uk