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Society Install: Farmer Copleys, Pontefract


We have no hesitation in installing our machines in all manner of places, not least the popular family farm — Farmer Copleys.

Hosting all kinds of regular events aimed at getting parents and children out into the real world, the farm encourages exploration with a maze and even a cafe and coffee shop to relax — known as the Moo Café.

Since 2009, the Moo Café has served up tea, coffee and confectionery for the thousands that visit the farm every single year.

To cope with increasing demand, upgrades have been needed to ensure that all guests are catered for accordingly, and so they chose Caffe Society to provide a quality coffee solution.

Home cooked locally sourced food and drink made just for you. What could be better?

The cafe was expanded to accommodate 157 seats with a variety of table sizes — both big and small — perfect for big and little people!

When expanding the brand new cow-based eatery, Farmer Copley again chose Caffe Society to help offer a self-service coffee machine so visitors can enjoy great takeaway coffee and hot drinks with just the touch of a button.


The HLF3600 touch screen coffee counter is a striking addition to any location.

Featuring an Android-powered touchscreen, the HLF 3600 provides an all-in-one tailored coffee making solution that even includes hot chocolate and other drinks as part of its menu.

This machine compliments the dedicated espresso machine that takes centre stage in the serving centre of the Moo Café. The entire café has been designed to showcase the local produce, whilst also providing guests with a warm, comfortable and interesting place to eat, drink and relax after exploring the farm’s facilities.


The BFC Galileo and Fiorenzato F64 coffee grinder take centre stage, and this machine is still making exceptional coffee years after first being installed by the team here at Caffe Society.

Perfect for anyone who is looking to sit and enjoy a drink, or even just grabbing a quick coffee before heading home after a long day sightseeing and getting lost in the corn maze, Farmer Copleys have every single base covered!