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Sportswear made from used coffee grounds and recycled plastic

Image courtesy of Rumi X - www.rumifeelgood.com

Image courtesy of Rumi X – www.rumifeelgood.com

Hong Kong based sportswear manufacturer have taken eco-conscious clothing to a new level with the creation of sportswear made of used coffee ground and recycled plastic.

The company has a range of leggings and sports shirts that utilise innovative techniques to create thread from used coffee grounds.

The process begins with the washing of the coffee grounds, which are then dried and prepared to remove/eliminate coffee oils.

By removing the oils from the grounds, this prevents the fabric from having a coffee odor — to be honest we wouldn’t mind this! — in a clean and energy efficient process without high temperature carbonisation.


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Once all oils have been removed the grounds are moulded and shaped into small pellets, by doing this it makes it easier to shape into raw thread.

Thread created via this incredibly innovative process can be spun into yarn and then woven into what Rumi are referring to as their signature Rumi X fabric.

Combining the coffee ground yarn with other recyclable materials creates a truly ethical garment that helps lower the amount of rubbish in our landfills.

A majority portion of the other recycled material comes in the form of plastic bottles, to create polyester, this process uses 50% less energy than regular polyester manufacturing methods.

Originally from San Franciso, Rumi X founder, Melissa Chu ensures that all garments are designed by fitness enthusiasts to ensure that they meet the standards expected by those who will be using them.

Rumi X was started in 2013, with the Ms Chu becoming a certified Yoga instructor whilst travelling in India.

The range includes plenty of Yoga options with other Crossfit and running clothing in a range of styles.

What an exceptional way to not only recycle but also use coffee in a truly game-changing fashion (pardon the pun). And even better, Ms Chu is an avid coffee drinker herself, check this out:

For more information on the Rumi X product line and brand please visit: www.rumixfeelgood.com