2 Cup Carry Tray 360 per case


Easy carry design

Quantity: 360 per case

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Specifically designed to make carrying hot drinks safer and easier, these 2 cup carry trays are the perfect addition to your business if takeaway hot drinks are a priority.

An absolute must-have disposable accessory for all high-street coffee shops, cafes and fast food outlets that want to give their customers a stellar service.

In the UK the takeaway sector continues to grow, with people valuing the ability to take hot drinks with them at any time.

100% recyclable and capable of holding two hot drinks at a time, you and your guests are protected from the heat given off by drinks making this an awesome travel companion.

The ability to hold 2 x 20oz cups is ideal for more than just the hot beverage sector, as fast food establishments and drive through food businesses will testify.

Available in 360 pre case , a 2 cup carry tray is an ideal option to offer in your coffee shop.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Quantity: 360
  • Capacity: 2 x cups