Flexible Finance Options

(applies to commercial customers only)

We offer our commercial customers a choice of payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Lease Purchase** (various options, please contact us for further details)

We do not generally lease rent coffee machines because lease purchase is a far better option for most businesses
(see below)

However if you do need a long term rental (12 months+) we would be happy to quote you.

Lease purchasing a coffee machine vs. coffee machine rental

  Lease Purchase Lease Rental
Payments are 100% tax deductable YES NO
You own the machine at the end of the term? YES NO
Flexible payment options?
You are free to buy coffee from any supplier? YES NOT USUALLY

Please note that these are general guidelines. We use several different finance companies, all of whom operate different terms and conditions. Please consult your accountant for advice if required.

Special deals to offset the cost of your machine purchase

All our coffee machines are available with deals which include enough coffee so that when sold at £1.50 per cup your machine payments will be covered.

eg: A £3000 machine will be supplied with 2000 cups of the finest gourmet coffee. 

** Subject the the relevant leasing company's terms and conditions