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Coffee Machine Service

It can be incredibly annoying, frustrating and downright disappointing if your coffee machine has a hiccup or an issue that you just don't quite know how to solve.

Sometimes it just needs a little TLC, and sometimes it needs a little bit more attention, which is why we offer one of the most comprehensive espresso machine service plans in the UK.

We have a team of highly skilled engineers that are always just a phone call away 24 hours a day to help fix any tricky issues that could possibly arise.

Be that a boiler related, brewing specific or you just need an espresso machine service. We will help keep your machine in tip-top form and help you get back creating quality coffee.


Due to the very nature of making coffee, we highly recommend that all coffee machines are serviced at least once every 12 months.

This helps maximise their working lives, whilst also preserving the taste and consistency of all the hot drinks you happen to make. Not only this, but by having regular coffee machine services helps reduce the chance of breakdowns and eradicate costly periods of downtime in the future.

Coffee machines are expensive pieces of equipment with a number of intricate parts, so it should come as no surprise that regular scheduled maintenance can be needed to prevent issues relating to wear and tear and even persistent common problems.

Simple issues not dealt with can lead to bigger most costly problems that can in-turn cause irreparable problems if unaddressed.

Don't let a problem get progressively worse! Sort it early and keep your biggest money-maker running smoothly and making top-quality coffee consistently.

Our espresso machine service and fine-tuning procedure is normally carried out on your premises, making it as easy as possible for you and in most cases takes no longer than a couple of hours.

Much like an expensive motor vehcile, you need to give your coffee machine a regular MOT and service to keep it running smoothly.

What does a coffee machine service include?

  • The replacement of all necessary washers, shower plates, seals, group heads and gaskets
  • A strip and clean of the group head(s)
  • A strip, check, thorough clean and replacement (if necessary) of the steam and water arm(s) and valves.
  • A check of all general machine settings, and an adjustment if required
  • Advice on the overall condition of the machine and the recommendation about any repairs and services that may be needed

To book your annual service give a friendly member of our team a quick call now on 01977 687 580 and give your coffee machine the attention it deserves.

We can also perform a number of other useful inspections and checks in additional to our comprehensive coffee machine service package. These include:

Calcium treatment unit replacement

Calcium treatment units (CTUs) ensure that your coffee machine is not damaged through the continued accumulation of limescale.

Varying water quality and water hardness will have an effect on the longevity of your machine, a calcium treatment unit reduces chlorine, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and heavy metals in the water before entering the intricate machinery within your machine.

This not only lowers the likelihood of limescale build-up, but actually improves the taste of the water used to make your hot drinks.

Untreated water is responsible for up to 70% of all coffee machine equipment faults that we see here at Caffe Society, not only that, but energy wastage occurs due to scale build up and therefore poor equipment performance alongside lower quality coffee and hot drinks.

Giving you a larger than regular electricity bill, as well as ruining the taste of your main product.

Therefore we recommend that you should change your water filters on an annual basis, although if you run a busy site it may be recommended that changes are carried out more frequently.

We can supply, fit and replace calcium treatment units for all coffee machines, either with or without having a service.

Whether you initially purchased your machine from us or not, our service facility is available to all.

Boiler inspections

Did you know that all coffee machines must have an up to date boiler certificate?

The Health & Safety Act of 1974 requires that all work equipment must comply with existing statutory workplace legislation.

In order to adhere to this, your coffee machine’s boiler therefore requires a periodic examination from a qualified boiler technician (inspector).

This boiler inspection is a requirement of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulation bill which was passed in 2000, and needs to be carried out in accordance with a “written scheme of examination.”

According to the law, if you don’t have any evidence of an up to date certification handed out by an accredited technician, an environmental officer could order you to shut down your coffee machine immediately.

Thankfully, we can offer this inspection onsite and it can be carried out alongside your coffee machine’s regular service.

For coffee machine servicing advice or if you have any queries relating to coffee machine serving call now on 01977 687 580.