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Coffee Machine Repair

Coffee machine repairs don't have to be a frustrating experience, we understand the effects it can have on your coffee business, and so we our speedy coffee machine repair service is refined to help save you time and money.

If your coffee machine happens to breakdown, produce a fault or simply stop working they way it should, we can help fix any and all issues that might be causing these problems.

Unless you know your machine inside and out, it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to diagnose and fix any number of problems that could arise, that's why we have some of the best engineers in the country available 24 hours a day to help get your machine back running at full capacity again.

Operating the length and breadth of the country, our engineers can be called to solve all kinds of coffee machine errors and issues.

The vast majority of the time, if you encounter a slight hiccup, this can be solved by following a few simple troubleshooting procedures.

By guiding you through the most commonly encountered problems step-by-step, we can help get your machine up and running again in no time. But, if these simple tasks don't fix your issue, then it may require additional professional support.

We can provide telephone support for those that require it, our operators are highly trained in all aspects of many coffee machines, and can diagnose most issues over the phone.

All engineers are provided and stocked with key common coffee machine spare parts and accessories, meaning any problem can be rectified quickly on-site to minimise your machine downtime. We aim to lower the disruption on your business.

Unfortunately not every issue can be solved or sorted on your premises, in this rare instance, we will schedule a return visit, or your machine will be taken to our workshop for further inspection and repair.

Once in our state of the art facility, based near Leeds, we can get to work on rectifying any issue that could be causing your machine to falter. We constantly staff our main site for the sole purpose of repairs and refurbishments.

When fixed, your machine will be reassembled and must go through a series of rigorous checks before we deem it ready to be returned to you. Once ready and suitable for use, we will get your machine back to you as good as new, and capable of high volume coffee and espresso brewing once again.

This coffee machine repair service is available to ALL, whether existing customer or not, machine type does not matter either, we can fix all manner of machines including bean to cup and traditional espresso machines.

Please note: Unfortunately we are unable to perform repairs on Black and White, WMF or domestic coffee machines.

Repair FAQs

My coffee machine isn’t working, what should I do?

Our handy How to avoid calling us out guide deals with some of the most common problems and questions that we encounter.

This guide should solve all manner of common issues without need for a coffee machine repair specialist.

If you are unable to solve your espresso machine (or bean to cup coffee machine) problem and still have persistent issues, then please contact a member of our team on 01977 687 580 for further advice and to schedule a repair.

Why do you try and fix things over the phone first?

We do this to minimise your expenditure and, hopefully, get you back up and running quickly. Sometimes issues can be rectified with direction over the phone.

Our experienced operators can identify certain common faults, helping you to self-solve and repair these problems without requiring a call-out.

If a solution can be provided, it will be – the time spent on the phone call will be much less than it would take for an engineer to be dispatched and to arrive on site.

I didn’t purchase my coffee machine from you, is that a problem?

The simple answer is no, it doesnt matter.

Our espresso machine repair service is open to everybody, whether you happen to be an existing customer or not.

We don’t like going without coffee ourselves and we don’t want to see others go without their cup of coffee!

All we need to know is the make and model of coffee machine you have, and any other details you might be able to provide us with.

If you require coffee machine repair or service, please call a member of our team on 01977 687 580 to schedule a repair.