Coffee Brewing Equipment

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  1. Brushed Stainless Steel Cafetiere
    A traditional French Press
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  2. Polished Stainless Steel Cafetiere

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Coffee Brewing Equipment

Enjoy the comforts of home brewed coffee

If you are seeking to increase your coffee serving capabilities or want to enhance your coffee portfolio, then we recommend our simple but effective coffee brewing equipment to anyone seeking to do so.

Perfect for either a personal or commercial environment, we stock a range of coffee brewing equipment that is easy to use and cheap to purchase.

Whether you're an at-home aficionado, professional barista or a coffee shop proprietor, we'll have all the essential items you'll need to produce the perfect pour-over or fantastic filter.

The growth of hand brew methods has seen many businesses carve a niche within the coffee market by using these pour over methods to create a different drink to traditional espresso.

Hand brew coffee also offers a way to flesh out your coffee menu without adding another bulky machine or requiring barista training.

With a drip filter, you'll be able to extract nuanced flavours from your freshly ground coffee in an much more interactive manner. It's a remarkably inexpensive way to make a premium-tasting cup of coffee!

From specialist kettles through to market-leading heatproof glass drippers and ceramic hand coffee mills, we have everything that the artisan needs to get handcrafting their own gourmet coffee.

The brewing gear we have available is perfect for if you don't want to overcomplicate your coffee, but lust for a complex tasting coffee.

We stock cafetieres, coffee drippers, serving pots, scales and filters.

Featured Brand


With hundreds of design awards and innovations to their name, Hario have over 90 years of thermally resistant glassware manufacture under their belt. 

The Japanese company opened it's doors in the 1920s and have made some of the finest, most desirable equipment for the manual brewing of tea and coffee.

Hario's V60 coffee dripper system is the company's most famous coffee invention, and was the catalyst for many taking an interest in manual coffee brewing due to the transparent nature of their glassware.

Designed to allow for the major characteristics of origin, varietal and roast are allowed to emerge from the coffee and provide a taste unlike the traditional espresso brew.

We stock a wide range of filter papers, servers and 'clever' coffee drippers, find out why Hario is the brand of choice for many coffee professionals around the world.