4 Cup Carry Tray 180 per case

Quantity: 180

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Designed to make carrying coffee and hot drinks that bit easier, these robust cardboard carry trays are made from recycled materials for an environmentally friendly coffee carrying companion.

A must-have for high-street coffee shops, cafes and even fast food restaurants that value service and customer options, as the takeaway coffee market continues to grow, so should your serving options.

Capable of holding up to 4 takeaway drink cups, each cup will fit snugly into each corner of the holder.

A great way of protecting hands from the heat given off by hot drinks, a cardboard carry tray is the apex of multiple drink holders.

Deep grooves and reinforced corners make a carry tray more than capable of holding 4 x 20oz coffees in comfort.

100% recyclable, you'll wonder why you haven't offered the convenience of these carry trays before.


  • 100% recyclable
  • Quantity: 180
  • Capacity: 4 x cups