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  1. Espresso Shot Glass (1oz lined / 2oz Capacity)
    Intricate, attractive and beautifully traditional Learn More
    £3.00 £2.50
  2. 8 1/2oz Tazza Borgonovo Italian Latte Glasses
    Tazza Borgonovo 8 1/2oz latte glasses. Qty: 6 Learn More
    £23.40 £19.50
  3. 10oz Tazza Borgonovo Italian Latte Glasses
    Italian style Tazza Borgonovo latte glasses. Qty: 6 Learn More
    £27.00 £22.50
  4. 10oz Borgonovo Conic Latte Glasses
    Conical Borgonovo 10oz latte glasses. Qty: 12 Learn More
    £42.00 £35.00
  5. Bespoke Latte Glasses
    Get bespoke latte glasses for your business Learn More
    Price available on request

Latte Glasses

Latte and Espresso glasses offer a different visual experience to traditional white crockery. They provide a great alternative drinking vessel to showcase foamed milk and the deep, rich colours in your coffee.

Make sure you diversify your drinking vessels with our range of coffee glasses, designed for lattes and espressos.

The latte glass gives you the authentic continental flair associated with Italian coffee shops and cafes. It can also help your quality coffee stand out from the crowd.

Available in traditional shapes and styles made from durable, quality materials. Sourced direct from classic Italian glass makers Borgonovo. They have a long-standing history of creating the finest latte and espresso glasses in the heart of Italy. This signifies that these are a superb addition to any coffee shop looking to add a little dash of Italy in every cup.

Not only do we offer simple glasses, we also offer bespoke options in small, medium and large sizes. This suits coffee shops or cafes that want to give customers an authentic drinking experience and retain their brand message.

Stylish, elegant and effortlessly simple. We can provide drinking vessel solutions that every true coffee shop needs. Whether that's 12 oz latte glasses, espresso shot glasses or something bespoke.

Which latte glass?

We offer a variety of glass shapes and sizes to suit your coffee shop, cafe or specific drink requirements. Ranging from 2oz shot glasses, 8 and a half ounce glasses, and up to a 12oz latte glass.