Aluminium Tamper With Wood Inlay - 57mm

Sleek and sophisticated

57mm diameter

Craft the perfect puck

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An essential tool, the tamper allows the barista to apply an evenly distributed amount of pressure over the coffee grinds, ensuring that the grind is uniformly compacted and therefore primed for extraction.

With a vintage inspired wooden inlay, this commercial grade tamper is designed to look the part whilst offering the barista maximum comfort and usability. The aluminium is resilient and built to withstand constant use. It's an elegant and sophisticated tool for you to use to create the perfect puck!

Suitable for use with the vast majority of espresso machines, this wooden tamper has a diameter of 57mm which is the standard size for most group handles.

  • Aluminium Tamper
  • Retro-inspired contemporary design
  • Diameter: 57mm