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Lotus Belgian Biscuits

Lotus Belgian Biscuits

A traditional Belgian biscuit

A perfect accompaniment

Quantity: 300 per case

Code: SBC10

Availability: Out of stock



The original caramelised biscuit.

First baked in the Belgian town of Lembeke in 1932, these slightly spiced and caramelised biscuits are incredibly popular coffee shop snacks.

Calendars and seasons may have changed over the years, but Lotus' secret recipe has remained constant. The famous Belgian company still use the same family-owned recipe to create their delicious bite-sized delights as they did back in the early-1930s.

As drink menus have expanded, millions of people have enjoyed the perfect combination of a coffee or tea and a traditional speculoos biscuit.

Every hot drink deserves a Lotus.

Did you know: Originally, these bite-sized delights were served up by the handful in the run-up to Christmas to celebrate the Feast of Saint Nicholas!

  • Available in packs of 300
  • Individually wrapped
  • Easy to serve


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