Custom branded coffee is are one of the easiest, most affordable ways to get your company's name and branding recognised by the public. At the same time it can add prestige and trust to your brand.

We have superb range of single origin, micro-lot and and speciality blends available, these include award winning coffee from around the world. Please contact us for an upto date list of available coffees.

After settling on your coffee, we then use your logo to create your own private label bags, ready to sell or serve to your customers or clients.


  • Hi there! I'm interested in some bespoke label coffee, is there a minimum requirement?
  • There is for your initial order which has to be 5 cases of coffee (either 120 x 250g or 30 x 1kg). Whether they are whole beans or pre-ground is completely up to you.
  • How long would I have to wait before I can start showing off my own label coffee?
  • The average time from okaying the packaging to receiving your coffee is anywhere between a fortnight and a month
  • That sounds fine. Do I have to wait that long for further orders?
  • Any subsequent orders should reach you within 10 days
  • Is the price determined by how many colours are in my logo?
  • The amount of colours used in your logo will not affect the price
  • Are there any set up costs I should be aware of?
  • No!
  • Seriously?
  • Seriously!