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Celebrating International Coffee Day with Caffe Society

Celebrated every year on the 1st October, International Coffee Day is the date coffee lovers across the world celebrate the beverage we all love.

The idea of an annual coffee celebration has been around since the early 1980’s, however it’s only within the last 5 years that the idea of a coffee day celebrated worldwide at the same time has become popular.

Every year, coffee shops and coffee lovers alike take to social media and post pictures of their creations, their beans and even sometimes create 1-day special offers. Visiting and supporting your local coffee shop becomes even more important on this special celebratory day.

Often a focus of the day is also to promote fair trade coffees, a scheme that aims to provide the people we rely on with a fair price. Not only for their produce; but their hard work and sacrifices when growing one of our most precious commodities.

We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of Fairtrade certified products. These are selected not only for the benefits but the quality they offer.

Over the years we have acquired a wealth of knowledge when it comes to coffee, knowledge which we put to good use.

To have complete control over the quality of our coffee, all our varieties of fresh coffee beans are hand-roasted by our experienced team who make sure every single bean is roasted to perfection.

So let’s celebrate coffee – Whether you’re into the classics like an espresso, a latte, macchiato, americano or a cappuccino; or maybe you’re a fan of cold brew or iced coffee. There’s a style of coffee for everyone; get brewing!

You can find a wide range of coffee recipes as well as helpful guides in our barista tips and tricks section of the website.