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Coffee around the World: The Caffe Gommosa

Caffe Gommosa

Originating from America’s Pacific Northwest, the Caffe Gommosa is sure to be a hit with customers who want a much sweeter, but are seeking a different way to experience their espresso.

This coffee drink is definitely an acquired taste, especially as translated from Italian, it literally means ‘rubbery coffee’.

Now you’re interested…this will really get guests guessing as to what your new menu item actually entails…

Thick and sweet, but only made with two ingredients. The Caffe Gommosa could only have been conceived in the United States, such is the type of drink.

A word of warning though, this is essentially a marmite coffee!

What actually makes a Caffe Gommosa?


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All you need to do is pour a single espresso over a marshmallow.

It is really that simple.

The resulting drink is thick, spongy and incredibly sweet. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s a great way to introduce younger people to coffee, or those that have a real sweet tooth.

You might be thinking that you can get coffees with marshmallow already, well this variation is not the same in any way. The marshmallow doesn’t fully melt, and cools quickly, allowing it to set slightly and create the rubbery texture.

It’s actually easier to drink than you might think. Sometimes you’ll have to give it a little chew though…

We do recommend serving the espresso over one medium sized marshmallow, but we must admit, it does work much better when served over several mini-marshmallows, as the consistency is much more like a thick coffee as opposed to being on the rubbery side.

Can you see yourself adding this ‘out-there’ espresso to your cafe or coffee shop menu? Maybe it’s one for the internet, or just as a joke.

Either way, we can be your sugar sweet treat enablers with our marshmallow toppings that work just as well with the Gommosa.

Our variation on the Caffe Gommosa is to pour a slightly longer espresso over the sweet. This creates a much better drink as far as we are concerned, we’re calling it the ‘Caffe Society Gommosa’.

And if we had to describe the taste, we’d say that it’s very similar to the Cuban Espresso, but with a chewy texture! We used our very own Super Crema coffee beans, and it was a rather strange but moreish drinking experience!