Super Crema Award Winning Coffee Beans

Our best-selling blend, and easy to see why.

Perfectly crafted, our Super Crema has a medium taste profile and a uniquely satisfying flavour.

Ideal for lattes and flat whites.

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Super Crema World Map

Honduras SHG Arabica

An extra fine coffee grown above 1500m in the Honduran mountains by the La Central cooperative, an exporting coop established in 1997 to further the infrastructure and technology available to its farmer members.

A mixture of Caturra, Catimor, Bourbon, Catuai and Typica, this is a great sweet and nutty Central American.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – La Central
  • Growing Altitude – 1500m+
  • Growing Method – Shade Grown
  • Processing Method – Washed

Indian Plantation A Mysore Arabica

Grown on the Badra Estate in the Karnataka region of South Western India, near Bangalore. The Badra estate is a family run piece of land growing exceptional Mysore coffee, among the best in the world. Mild and creamy with notes of marzipan and vanilla in the finish.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Badra Estate
  • Growing Altitude – 1000m+
  • Growing Method – Shade Grown
  • Processing Method – Washed (some Honey Processed)

Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo Arabica

From the heart of Ethiopia, Sidamo is a region in South Eastern Ethiopia, and is renowned for growing some of the finest Ethiopian coffee. Rich and chocolaty with distinct dark berry notes in the finish, this coffee is grown by thousands of small holder farmers, each giving a large amount of TLC to the beans they produce.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Various small holders
  • Growing Altitude – 1000m+
  • Growing Method – Mixture of shade grown and full sun
  • Processing Method – Washed

Ugandan Screen 18 Robusta

Added to bring depth and body to the blend, this is a very high quality Robusta, with a mild, inoffensive flavour profile as favoured in Robusta coffees by roasters. Full, rich and earthy, this coffee is grown in a 300km radius around Lake Victoria, where it basks in the hot African sun, developing its flavour slowly as it ripens.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Various
  • Growing Altitude – Sea Level > 1000m
  • Growing Method – Full Sun
  • Processing Method – Natural


A medium roast that benefits from the presence of rich, bold Robusta coffee gives this blend a distinctive Southern Italian style. However, with the inclusion of sweet nutty Honduras, mild and creamy Mysore and chocolaty fruity Sidamo, this blend is superiorly well–rounded and balanced.

Perfect for a large milky drink or a short intense espresso.

Brewing Info

  • Ideal Brew Temperature – 92–94 degrees
  • Brewing Notes – A slightly bitter blend if over extracted, keep shot times at 25 seconds or below to keep the blend well rounded and balanced.

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