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Coffee Machine Servicing from Caffe Society


Looking after your commercial coffee machine is sound economy. There are, obviously, the general day-to-day cleaning routines which are to be carried out, but one of the soundest ways of keeping your machine ticking over and reducing maintenance bills is to schedule an annual service.

It goes without saying that coffee machines are expensive products, often packed with state of the art electronics and finely tuned plumbing systems that require care and as such, it is important to keep an eye on their performance.

A typical service, carried out by one of our trained espresso engineers, lasts a couple of hours and would take place on your premises at a time that suits you, making it as easy as possible for you and your business to minimise downtime.

Services will vary slightly, taking into account the differences between makes and models, but here is a rough guide as to what would happen during the service of an espresso machine:

  • Group heads would be stripped and cleaned to remove any oils and deposits from the brewing process.
  • High wear components such as washers, seals and gaskets will be checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Steam valves, piping and steam and water arms will be stripped, checked and cleaned. Items showing signs of wear and erosion will be replaced.
  • Machine settings such as brewing temperatures and pressure levels will be checked, and adjusted if required.
  • Advice on the overall condition of the coffee machine and recommended about any repairs or preventative measures that may be needed.

After being given the once over you can get back on with doing what you do best: Serving great tasting quality to your customers and turning over a healthy profit whilst doing so!

As well as a general service, we can also check, replace and install calcium treatment units (CTU).

With a nationwide fleet of engineers, we are able to service your coffee machine. So whether you’re located in Cornwall, London, Yorkshire or the Highlands, we will be able to help your out. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an existing Caffe Society customer or not.

So why not book your service today by calling 01977 687 580?