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Our finest achievement: Super Crema Beans

 Our finest achievement Super Crema Beans

We wanted to take a second to discuss one of the finest products that we offer here at Caffe Society, and that is our special blend of coffee beans that will have you craving yet another cup.

Our Super Crema Award Winning Coffee Beans are a specially designed blend created with the finest beans all over the world.

We are so proud of our coffee blend, and we hope that you will be too once you try it. We are 100% sure that you’ll taste the difference.

Super Crema is a blend that took years of fine-tuning and development before we reached what we thought was the perfect combination of flavours from around the world.

Three years of tweaking, research and tasting led us to what we considered the perfect cup. And twelve years later we still believe our iconic blend is as good as ever.

With coffee beans from four distinct growing nations, our rich smooth, full-roasted blend combines South American and African arabicas with Ugandan robusta underpinning the whole cup.


What makes Super Crema so special?


Honduran SHG Arabica

The base for Super Crema comes from the lesser known South American coffee-growing nation.

The sweet and nutty Honduras arabica is shade grown and comes from comes from Central America, this is a fantastic top note to the coffee taste.

Indian Plantation A Mysore Arabica

Grown on the Badra Estate in the Karnataka region of South Western India, near Bangalore. The Badra estate is a family run piece of land growing exceptional Mysore coffee, among the best in the world.

Mysore Arabica adds mild and creamy with notes of marzipan and vanilla in the finish.

Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo Arabica

Ethiopian Mocha Sidamo, From the heart of Ethiopia, Sidamo is a region in South Eastern Ethiopia, and is renowned for growing some of the finest Ethiopian coffee.

This exceptional arabica creates a rich, chocolaty taste with distinct dark berry notes within the finish.

Grown by thousands of small farm holder farmers, each ensure that they give their beans the TLC that they deserve.

Ugandan Screen 18 Robusta

Ugandan Robusta is added to bring depth and body to the blend, full, rich and earthy, this coffee is grown in a 300km radius around Lake Victoria, where it basks in the hot African sun, developing its flavour slowly as it ripens.

All this gives the blend a darker roast and the presence of rich, bold Robusta coffee gives this blend a distinctive Southern Italian style.

However, with the inclusion of sweet nutty Honduras, mild and creamy Mysore and chocolaty fruity Sidamo, this blend is fantastically well–rounded and balanced to really satisfy all the taste buds.


We think our blend is superb, and we hope that you will too.

Absolutely perfect for a large milky drink or even a short intense espresso.

Why haven’t you tried it already? Your customers will thank you.

Check out our finest creation right here.