Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU10)

Water filter for protecting you machine from limescale build-up and improving taste

For use with coffee machines

Capacity: 10,000 litres (based on average water hardness)

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A coffee machine needs water, and with plumbed solutions the coffee you produce is only going to be as good as the water you are using to make espresso.

Therefore to get the most from your coffee machine, improve the taste of your coffee and ensure that your machine stays in tip top condition you should really have a Calcium Treatment Unit (CTU).

Purposefully designed to be used with commercial coffee machines, a water filter helps protect the circulation system of your coffee machines. Everything from the boiler, steam wands, hot water tap and internal piping can be left caked in limescale if water is not treated or filtered before entering the system.

This can seriously destroy the taste of your coffee, tea and other hot drinks. A dedicated CTU removes impurities directly from the water, helps prevent the build up of limescale, therefore making your coffee and hot water taste better, but also save you from a costly repair bill.

Prevention of limescale buildup is much cheaper than the cure.

Our high-quality Calcium Treatment Units are designed to filter up to 10,000 litres, that's a serious amount of crystal clear water for making all manner of espresso-based drinks and more.

Of course, if you're not confident of fitting or installing one yourself, then we are more than happy to help. We can fit and replace Calcium Treatment Units as part of a regular service.

Don't let the quality of your water negatively affect the quality of your coffee!

NB – Upon the return of your old, ‘diving tank’ style water filter, customers may be entitled to a £100 credit on their account. Please contact 01977 687 580 for further information.