Menu Board

Promote your range of coffee and teas

Attractive menu board

Gloss vinyl finish

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Instantly recognisable, easy to read and containing vital pieces of information, ensure that your customers are aware of what constitutes your core range of coffee, teas and hot chocolates with the acquisition of a Caffe Society Menu Board.

Not only does the display panel contain succinct descriptions of five coffee based beverages but it also draws patrons into to enquire about personalisation and further speciality drinks - giving you the opportunity to see your profits increase.

Printed on vinyl, and housed on lightweight rigid foam PVC, the board is whiteboard marker friendly which gives you the ability to update your prices and add an additional description as and when is necessary.

  • Aprox Dimensions (mm): w895 x h440
  • Gloss vinyl finish on 5mm Rigid Foam PVC

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