Espresso Milanese Coffee Beans

This traditional dark roasted blend serves up an excellent espresso that's full of body, chocolate flavours a pinch of spice

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Espresso Coffee Beans World Map

Our Espresso Milanese Blend is a quintessential Italian style coffee that is dark roasted and full of character, body and flavour.

Brazil Santos Fine Cup Arabica

Perfect as an espresso, this blend with its chocolate flavours and hint of spice is great for making longer drinks, such as a latte.

Brazil is by far the world's largest producer of coffee and as such, there's a great amount of quality beans to chose from. The Santos Fine Cup Arabica that we use is sourced from some of the best known growing regions in the country, those of Sul De Minas, Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo.

Due to coffee's importance to the local, regional and national economy, money has been invested in the industry which has resulted in state of the art growing, picking and processing techniques becoming widespread, resulting in a higher quality crop quality.

This Brazilian arabica has noticeable nutty profile and a malty sweetness.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Various
  • Growing Altitude – 1200m+
  • Growing Method – Full sun
  • Processing Method – Pulped Natural

Honduras SHG Arabica

This high grown Honduran arabica comes from the farms and plantations associated with the La Central Cooperative that can be found in the country's mountainous regions that border Guatemala and El Salvador.

An eclectic mix of arabica varietals, this typical Central American brings a little bit of fruity sweetness and nuttiness to the blend.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – La Central
  • Growing Altitude – 1500m+
  • Growing Method – Shade Grown
  • Processing Method – Washed

Ethiopian Djimmah Mocha Arabica

Straight from the birthplace of coffee, this Ethiopian Mocha is the standout bean of this espresso blend, giving the blend its signature chocolate flavours.

This Djimmah arabica is grown by numerous smallholders in the south-west of the country and is carefully grown. The result is a smooth coffee, one with chocolate flavours and a fair hint of smoky fruitiness too.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Various smallholders
  • Growing Altitude – 1000m+
  • Growing Method – Mixture of shade grown and full sun
  • Processing Method – Natural

Ugandan Screen 18 Robusta

Added to bring depth and body to the blend, this high quality robusta, with its mild flavour profile, has become a firm favourite of roasters and blenders.

Grown in the areas that surround Lake Victoria, this coffee receives plenty of heat and direct sunlight.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Various
  • Growing Altitude – Sea Level – 1000m
  • Growing Method – Full Sun
  • Processing Method – Natural


Smooth and rich, this classic Italian style blend is ideal for big milky drinks, or as an intense, spicy, standalone espresso.

There's a bunch of chocolate and other dark notes which characterise this coffee. Fully roasted, our traditional Espresso Blend has a dark and inviting aroma with a great body.

Brewing Info

Ideal Brew Temperature: 88-92°C

Brewing Notes: Pull shots tighter to accentuate sweetness.