Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks

Fairtrade accredited white sugar

Ideal serving size per portion

Quantity: 1000 x 3g

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Any establishment that serves hot drinks cannot manage without the little bits on the side, especially sugar.

Sourced from the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate (MSS) and Fairtrade accredited, these sugar sticks help make a difference. The Dutch originally introduced sugar to the island in the 1630s and the crop has been a staple of the country ever since. Founded in 1919, the MSS is one of the largest sugar exporters in the world and helps protect the financial and social interests of the majority Mauritius' sugar farmers.

Wrapped in easy to open and recyclable packaging and always containing the perfect teaspoon of ethically sourced white sugar, these sticks are the perfect accompaniment to coffees, teas and other hot drinks.

  • Quantity: 1000 sticks (3g) per case