Milfresh Gold 100% Skimmed Milk Granules

Pure Skimmed Milk: 100% goodness, zero compromise.

Creamy, Natural Flavour: A delightful taste that's unmistakably genuine.

Prolonged Texture: Savour the lasting satisfaction in every sip.

Low Calorie Wonder: A guilt-free indulgence, lower in calories than whole milk.

Fat-Free Brilliance: Enjoy the richness without the guilt.

Pure Goodness: No added sugar, colours, preservatives, or hydrogenated fats (HVO free).

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10 x 500g (EAO21)
£53.99 £44.99
1 x 500g (EAO21A)
£5.99 £4.99


Presenting Milfresh Gold, the preferred choice for vendors equipped with coffee machines. Engineered for vending excellence, its specialized granulated formula ensures seamless performance, minimizing residue and machine disruptions. Renowned for its creamy texture and effortless pourability, Milfresh Gold stands as the ultimate skimmed milk powder for vendors, facilitating the creation of authentic coffee shop favourites with unmatched convenience and consistency.