Shmoo Fresh Shakes Milkshake Mixes

5 Fab flavours available

Quantity: 1 x 1.8kg tub

Also add disposable cups, lids & straws: 120 x 13oz or 80 x 22oz

Grouped product items
Product Name Price Qty
Chocolate - 1.8kg Tub (FSJ010AA)
£32.00 £32.00
Strawberry - 1.8kg Tub (FSJ011AA)
£32.00 £32.00
Vanilla - 1.8kg Tub (FSJ012DD)
£32.00 £32.00
Banana - 1.8kg Tub (FSJ011AB)
£32.00 £32.00
Cappuccino - 1.25kg Tub (FSJ012KK)
£32.00 £32.00
13oz Cups, Lids & Straws (x120) (POS07)
£17.40 £14.50
22oz Cups, Lids & Straws (x80) (POS06)
£17.40 £14.50


It’s so thick!

Shmoo’s Fresh Shake Mix is a healthy full-flavour milkshake experience like no other. Virtually fat-free, devoid of any GMOs, suitable for vegetarians and gluten free, whether chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, or cappuccino, you can serve up a guilt-free and delicious ‘shake in seconds.

Temptingly thick, there’s no need to add ice cream to this mix, but then again there’s no reason not to!

Each tub is capable of making up to 120 x 13oz shakes or 80 x 22oz shakes, meaning you'll be able to serve up plenty of the thickest shakes in town.

Cups and lids are FULLY RECYCLABLE and contain 50% recycled material


UNIQUE CLIP-IN-CUP mixing method- both small and large cups clip into machine for HANDS-FREE MIXING.

Cups include FILL LINE, so no measuring required, simply pour milk to line, mix on machine and serve.

You will require a Spindle Drink Mixer to use with this product.