Sweetbird Jasmine Lime Iced Tea Syrup

A refreshing fruit tea syrup

Free from any artificial preservatives

Quantity: 8 x 1 litre

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The refreshing combination of jasmine and lime tea has been carefully created to a tee.

Designed to be mixed with either still or sparkling water, a purchase of Sweetbird's Jasmine and Lime Iced Tea will revolutionise your menu with a touch of the exotic. Free from artificial additives such as colourings and preservatives, add this super simple syrup into the mix!

Jasmine Lime Iced Tea

You'll need
  • 4 shots of Sweetbird Ice Team Syrup
  • Water (Still or sparkling, it doesn't matter!)
  • Ice
  1. Half fill a glass with ice
  2. Add the Sweetbird syrup
  3. Top up with water and stir
  4. Optional - Garnish with a slice of lime of a sprig of mint