Sweetbird Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

Subtle vanilla flavours from a sugar free syrup

Free from artificial colouring

Quantity: 1 x 1 litre

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If you're creating a skinny latte, then why go against the grain and use a syrup that contains sugar? With Sweetbird's Vanilla Sugar-Free Syrup you can whip up those low calories drinks without having to check the syrup's nutritional information! And don't worry, it's just as flavoursome as the regular vanilla syrup and just as sweet.

Skinny Vanilla Latte

You'll need
  • Two shots of Sweetbird Vanilla Sugar Free Syrup
  • Double espresso
  • Steam skimmed milk
  1. Brew your espresso and then add the shots of syrup
  2. Pour in the steamed skimmed milk
  3. Serve!