Zuma SAUCE Pump

This plunge pump fits directly onto Zuma sauce bottles and produces consistent 15ml shots.

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Designed to work with all Zuma sauces. This 15ml plunge pump fits directly onto all Zuma sauce bottles.

Create consistently delicious drinks or deserts with equal amounts of flavourful sauce dispensed on every pump.

PUMP DOSAGE: 1 Full Pump = 15ml (½ fl.oz)

PUMP OPERATION: Fully depress pump for 15ml (½ fl.oz) of sauce/purée. Always push on orange handle. Do not depress nozzle.

MAINTENANCE: 1. Always clean pumps weekly with warm water and mild dish detergent. 2. Make sure plastic dip tube is fully seated into body before using. 3. If pump malfunctions, firmly push on the bottom of the sauce/purée bottle to re-seat pump extension (see diagram on back). 4. Always pump a complete 15ml (1/2 fl.oz) pump. Pump will lose performance if partial pumps are dispersed