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Twinings Earl Grey Tea

Twinings Earl Grey Tea

A light and fragrant tea that is always a favourite

1 x 50 or 6 x 50 Tagged and enveloped tea bags

Scented with lemon and bergamot

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Product Name Price Qty
6 x 50 Tagged & Env Teabags (T02)
1 x 50 Tagged & Env Teabags (T02A)


The exquisite Twinings Earl Grey tea is known around the globe for its delicious flavours and soothing aroma. Production of this signature blend began in the 1830s and it has remained a signature drink ever since.

Scented with lemon and bergamot orange flavours, when brewed a good cup of Earl Grey will have a light and soothing profile. One taste and you’ll understand why this blend started the trend for teas.

As with all good origin stories there is a lot of conflicting reports about the origins of this specific blend. But, we can safely say that Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, had some part in its formation.

To the former 19th century Prime Minister; we salute your taste buds sir!

  • Quantities available:
    • 1 x 50
    • 6 x 50
  • A traditional favourite

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