Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle Espresso Machine

Inspired by the Eagle, the VA358 White Eagle is one of Victoria Arduino's finest espresso-making creations.
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  • 2 Models - Available in T³ and Digit variants.
  • PID System - Water temperature is automatically regulated, with the inbuilt system making changes in real-time for even more consistent extraction and the perfect espresso.
  • Ergonomic design - Key design choices ensure that the White Eagle is incredibly easy to manage, operate and clean.
  • T3 Technology - Improves the quality of espresso via separate control of temperature during each delivery phase. Only available on T³ model.
  • TFT display - Lit by bright blue LEDs give baristas real-time information on every part of the brewing process.
  • Cool-Touch steam wand - Insulated steam arms prevent burns and keep baristas safe by always being cool to touch.
  • Lever-operated steam wands - Froth milk quickly, easily and precisely with the lever-operated insulated steam wands.
  • Hot water tap


  • Raised Group - Raised group heads allows you to brew directly into large capacity takeaway cups, perfect for coffee shops who'll be serving a lot of customers who drink their coffee whilst on the move.
  • Low Group - Perfect for a range of drinks of various sizes, but best suited to standard coffee cups, latte glasses and mugs.
  • Easycream steam wand - Make incredible foamed milk with the Easycream steam wand featuring innovative technology and Victoria Arduino expertise.
  • Colours - Steel/White/Black configurable options available to suit your brand identity or establishment interior design.


One of the finest pieces of craftsmanship available, the Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle is an espresso machine of the highest order.

Featuring eye-catching design, incredible performance and a whole host of key features, it's no wonder that this artisan coffee machine is the choice for only the best in the business.

Since 1905

With over 100 years of espresso machine experience, Victoria Arduino never compromises on quality and consistency, redefining the coffee industry in the process.

Based in Belforte del Chienti, Italy, the company continues the traditions of its founder Pier Teresio Arduino by investing in research to offer the most advanced espresso technologies.

Designed to meet your exacting demands

The VA358 White Eagle has been designed and crafted to meet the every-growing needs of the modern coffee shop, providing configurable tall cup coffee-making capabilities as consumers seek to sate their caffeine cravings.

Arduino VA358 Coffee Machine

Two distinct models of the White Eagle - the and the Digit, with both models being able to be configured to suit your use-case scenario.

Temperature is key in the creation of quality espresso, and so Victoria Arduino sought to tackle this common problem by investing and researching into technology that could control every single parameter during the coffee extraction and brewing process.

Thus was born T3, a technology that allows your barista to set three individual temperatures: for the brewing group, the water infusion and the steam.

What does this achieve? Greater temperature stability and therefore thermal accuracy for the perfect espresso every single time.

An electronic control system monitors and probes for temperature, pressure and PID to manage each variable and improve consistency from even the first usage.

Innovating beyond the bean

Not content with improving the quality of the coffee Victoria Arduino sought to improve the entire milk frothing process.

A key part of the speciality coffee market throughout the world, quality frothed milk is integral in lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites.

VA358 EasyCream Wand

The White Eagle has VA's signature Easycream system: a technology that allows the milk to be heated and frothed to suit your preferences, this is achieved with "tangential holes" and a steam-air mixing system.

This is not simply hot steam. This is next level milk frothing capability.

Additional steam wands are thermally insulated for barista safety; but also makes it even easier to clean, meaning greater hygiene.

This new "Cool-Touch" wand helps avoid burns and mishaps that baristas bemoan.

The baristas new best friend

Offering incredible control, but simple operation, the VA358 includes push button controls on each group, that are clear and incredibly intuitive.

All brewing information, programme and boiler temperatures are displayed on the bright, conveniently placed LED panel.This easy-to-read TFT display gives your barista all information in real time to help offer the customer the best espresso imaginable, whilst

Arduino VA358 User Panel

This easy-to-read TFT display gives your barista all information in real time to help offer the customer the best espresso imaginable.

Set and monitor shot time, brewing temperature, group temperature, boiler pressure, extra pre-infusion and energy saving modes all from one easy-to-access place.

Dressed to impress

With a whole host of configurable options, the White Eagle is not like standard espresso machines, low groups and raised groups for tall cups are just one of a plethora of options for your perfect espresso machine.

Built completely in stainless steel and aluminium, the 'eagle' aesthetic can be seen in every corner of this machine. The sides have been designed and made from aluminium slats to mimic the look of an eagle's wings.

Arduino 358 Colour Options

Whilst all control have been designed to blend into the sleek aesthetic whilst retaining functionality, particular attention has been given to the White Eagles aesthetic appeal when in situ, and the ergonomics. Ensuring that the barista can work quickly, comfortably and safely.

Available in a range of black and white colour options to suit your brand identity, the White Eagle can be configured exactly as you see fit.


Version T3 – Digit
Dimensions (mm) 825w x 510h x 660d
Power 7600W (T3) | 4500W (Digit)
Voltage 208-240V
Steam boiler capacity 11.4-litre
Coffee boiler capacity 0.7-litre (T3)
Gross weight 90kg (T3) | 87kg (Digit)
Net weight 74kg (T3) | 71kg (Digit)
Version T3 – Digit
Dimensions (mm) 1055w x 510h x 660d
Power 9500W (T3) | 5200W (Digit)
Voltage 208-240V
Steam boiler 17.3-litre
Coffee boiler 0.7-litre
Gross weight 115kg (T3)  | 111Kg (Digit)
Net weight 95kg (T3)  | 91Kg (Digit)

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