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Disposable Coffee Cups & Lids

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Disposable Coffee Cups & Lids

Sometimes as a regular coffee shop or cafe you may want to offer options for customers, whether by request or by your own intentions, the ability to take-out or takeaway hot drinks.

We understand the need to cater for the takeaway market and so have a wide range of alternatives to the traditional coffee mug that still keep coffee hot without compromising on taste quality.

Takeaway coffee cups

Compatible with all standard sized and popular coffee machines, our selection of takeaway coffee cups are affordable, practical and ideal for your coffee shop, restaurant or cafe.

Our range contains a wide variety of stylishly designed disposable coffee cups that are available in a number of sizes ranging from small espresso sized 4oz cups all the way up to large 16oz capacity cups. Coloured lids are also available to purchase – compatible with all of our paper cups.

Insulated coffee cups

Designed to keep hot drinks warmer for much longer, all of our cups are insulated to help preserve and increase the lifespan of your speciality hot drinks.

Single wall cups

Much like the name suggests, single wall cups are made with a single lined paper wall, designed to be efficient at retaining heat and of course much lighter than other takeaway options.

A perfect utility for hot and cold drinks of all types.

Ripple cups

Elegant, sturdy, iconic. There is no wonder that the ripple cup is used by so many coffee shops around the world.

Designed to keep hot drinks warmer for far longer than standard paper cups, the outer grippy surface ensures that customers and drinkers are safe from hot liquid whilst also being comfortable to hold.

Incredibly durable, the ripple cup is a superb takeaway option.

Barrier cups

Made by Benders, the European leader in coffee cup manufacturing, their patented paper mix provides incredibly heat insulation, with ethically soured materials used in the manufacture of these cups.

Simple patterns and motifs mean that not only are these cups quality, they are incredibly attractive too.

Plastic cups

Perfect for usage with a variety of cold drink options, plastic cups are great for utility usage. 

Personalised takeaway cups

If you can't quuit choose or want something a little more unique, then our personalised takeaway cups might be right up your street.

Shout about your brand, business and coffee shop with truly bespoke coffee cups that scream bespoke.

Our service gives you complete control over branding, aethetics to ensure that your cups really stand out from the crowd.


Of course if you are serving takeaway hot drinks, then you'll likely need lids to seal in that hot drink goodness.

We have a wide range of lids to fit drinks from 4oz all the way to 16oz, providing your customers with a complete takeaway coffee service that they expect and will love.

With Solo and Benders paper cups available, Caffe Society is the the perfect choice whether you want something unique, bespoke, branded, or refills for vending machines.

If you can't quite find what you're looking for, or would like some help working out what takeaway coffee cups you might need, then please give a member of our team a call on 01977 687 580.

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