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Ripple Cups and Lids

Ripple Cups and Lids

Triple walled, ripple takeaway cups

Capacities: 8oz & 12oz

Black and white lids are purchasable

Cafe Range

Availability: In stock

Product Name Price Qty
8oz Burgundy Ripple Cups (x1000) (CGH61)
12oz Graphite Ripple Cups (x1000) (CGH62)
8oz White Dome Sip Lids (x 1000) (CGH41)
8oz Black Dome Sip Lids (x 1000) (CGH37A)
10/12/16oz White Dome Sip Lids (x 1000) (CGH52)
10/12/16oz Black Dome Sip Lids (x 1000) (CGH35)


Our brand new monochrome designed paper cups have instantly become a classic.

A takeaway cup can say a lot about your coffee shop or business and our elegant triple walled cups convey a sense of sophistication and quality that matches the traditional Italian and speciality coffee culture down to a T.

These ripple cups are perfect for keeping hot drinks warmer for longer, thanks to their corrugated exterior and insulating 'inner' layers. Not only does the exterior help protect your customers' hands from the heat of freshly made coffee, teas and hot chocolates, this layer also provides a grippy surface which helps minimise inadvertent spillages.

Available in two different sizes, each with their own unique colour, these durable cups are the perfect choice for all coffee shops and catering facilities who will be serving up a variety of warm drinks for people to take away.

  • Sizes & Colours
  • 8oz - Burgundy
  • 12oz - Graphite
  • Information
  • Ripple takeaway cups (also known as 'triple wall cups')
  • Stylish single colour design
  • Insulating cardboard construction
  • Quantity: 1000 per case
  • Lids
  • Black and white sip lids (x1000) sold separately

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