Disposable Coffee Cups & Lids

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  1. Belsize Biodegradable and Compostable Kraft Ripple Cups and Lids
    Biodegradable kraft coffee cups
    Available in 12oz size Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  2. Belsize Biodegradable and Compostable Double Wall Cups and Lids
    Biodegradable double wall coffee cups
    Available in 12oz size Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  3. 12oz Kraft Ripple Cups and Lids
    Triple wall paper coffee cups
    Available in 12oz size Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  4. Christmas Themed Double Wall Disposable Coffee Cups and Lids
    Featuring cute Christmas Critters
    Available sizes: 12oz Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  5. Ripple Cups and Lids
    Triple wall paper coffee cups
    Available sizes: 8oz & 12oz Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  6. CS Cafe Design Double Wall Cups and Lids
    Simple and chic paper coffee cups Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  7. CS Circles Design Single Wall Cups and Lids
    Premium single-walled cups with a subtle coffee theme Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  8. Benders Milano Barrier Cups and Lids
    Premium Milano-themed takeaway cups from Benders Learn More

    From: £32.99 £27.49

  9. Solo Bistro Premium Hot Cup and Lids
    Bistro themed insulated takeaway coffee cups Learn More

    From: £36.00 £30.00

  10. 4oz Plain White Espresso Hot Cups And Lids
    Plain white espresso cups
    Quantity: 50 or 1000 Learn More

    From: £1.50 £1.25

Disposable Coffee Cups

Sometimes as a regular coffee shop or cafe you may want to offer options for customers. Whether that's by request or by your own intentions, the ability to take-out or takeaway hot drinks.

We understand the need to cater for the takeaway market and so have a wide range of alternatives to the traditional coffee mug. You can still keep coffee hot without compromising on taste quality.

Regularly needing to replenish your supply? Our prices guarantee that you can stay stocked up on disposable cups to allow you to concentrate on making quality hot drinks.

Takeaway coffee cups

Compatible with all standard sized and popular coffee machines, our selection of takeaway coffee cups are affordable, practical and ideal for your coffee shop, restaurant or cafe.

Our range contains a wide variety of stylish disposable cups that are available in various sizes. These range from small espresso sized 4oz cups all the way up to large 16oz capacity cups.

Coloured lids are also available – compatible with all our paper cups.

Insulated coffee cups

Designed to keep hot drinks warmer for much longer, our insulated cups help preserve and increase the lifespan of your speciality drinks.

The insulated principles also help protected drinkers from the direct heat emitted from the actual liquid itself, making them a safe and comfortable to hold for even extended periods of time.

Single wall cups

Single wall coffee cups are made with a single lined paper wall, designed to be efficient at retaining heat. They are also much lighter than other options.

A perfect utility for hot and cold drinks of all types, single wall cups are a great starting point at great prices. They are ideal if you are planning on serving a wide variety of drink types.

Ripple cups

Elegant, sturdy, iconic. There is no wonder that the ripple cup is used by so many coffee shops around the world.

Designed to keep hot drinks warmer for far longer than standard paper cups, the outer grippy surface ensures that customers and drinkers are safe from hot liquid whilst also being comfortable to hold.

Incredibly durable, the ripple cup is a superb option and are a strong, long-lasting option for the takeaway market.

Simple patterns and motifs mean that not only are these cups quality, they are incredibly attractive too.

Plastic cups

Perfect for use with a variety of cold drink options, plastic cups are great for utility usage. They are best suited to cold drinks and water, these are a handy addition to almost any business — foodservice or otherwise.

Personalised takeaway cups

If you can't quite choose or want something a little more unique, then our personalised takeaway cups might be right up your street.

Shout about your brand, business and coffee shop with truly bespoke coffee cups that scream bespoke.

Our service gives you complete control over branding, aesthetics to ensure that your cups really stand out from the crowd.

Christmas Critter Cups

Have you seen our festive design cute christmas takeaway coffee cups? Our 12oz red, white and black cups are adorned with cuddly Christmas Critters, and are designed to keep both your drink and hands warm thanks to the double-walled insulation.

Stand out from the crowd and increase the buzz around your coffee shop or cafe. These eye-catching cups provide you with the ideal opportunity to differentiate yourself from the stale high-street chains and get people talking.

Limited stock is available, as the design is exclusive and only available from us, as well as black or white sip lids if you need them.


Of course, if you are serving take away hot drinks, then you'll likely need lids to seal in that hot drink goodness.

We have a wide range of lids to fit drinks from 4oz all the way to 16oz, providing your customers with a complete takeaway coffee service.

With Solo and Benders paper cups available, Caffe Society is the perfect choice whether you want something unique, bespoke, branded, or refills for vending machines.

Don't forget the accessories!

These days, offering your customers accessories, like napkins, lids, trays and clutches, straws and stirrers is often the expectation to go alongside their coffee order. Make sure you're not caught out by stocking up on the bits and pieces that finish off the disposable coffee cup experience.

If you can't quite find what you're looking for or would like some help working out what you might need, then please give a member of our team a call on 01977 687 580.