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Save £100 on your Coffee Machine Servicing

A crucially important part of owning a coffee machine is keeping on top of the servicing. It’s a great preventative measure that helps avoid your machine going down at an inopportune moment.

Like any piece of machinery or equipment, your coffee machine can suffer from standard wear and tear issues from time to time.

Coffee needs to be served from a machine that’s working to its maximum potential, otherwise you’ll potentially be serving sub-standard, low quality coffee. And your customers deserve better than that!

How often should I be servicing my machine?

Even if you follow a thorough cleaning process and keep your machine free of limescale build up, general wear and tear can eventually cause parts to break down or fail.

For example, water filters only have a limited lifespan, so to keep your water filtered and at high quality, you’ll need to change your water filters regularly.

The industry standard recommendation is to get a coffee machine service at least once every 12 months. This should help keep on top of any issues, whether they be one-offs or ongoing problems.

My machine has an existing problem

Depending on the issue, it could be rectified with a service, or if it’s something that requires repair, we also offer coffee machine repairs, with a team of dedicated engineers to help solve your issue.

Check out our “Coffee Machine Troubleshooting” guide to look at common issues that may be simple to fix without calling us out.

If you need some help getting your coffee machine repaired, get in touch with our Service and Breakdowns team: 01977 687 580

Coffee Machine Servicing Offer

Normally priced at £299, our on-site coffee machine service helps to ensure your coffee machine is in great working order, allowing you to create the best coffee possible for your customers.

Save £100 on your coffee machine service this month, also including staff training if required (see T&Cs for further details)

The offer ends on 31st January 2019. To book your discounted service, call our servicing team on 01977 687 580 and quote January Service Offer to get started.

Offer Terms & Conditions

* Offer applies to all espresso & most bean to cup machines, please contact us to confirm your machine is applicable. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other service discount.

Discount is subject to a water filter exchange at £149 (reduced from £249) for plumbed machines.
Some remote areas may be excluded from this offer, please contact us for further details. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

Caffe Society Loyalty Reward Scheme

Did you know we have a loyalty reward scheme for our regular customers? You can earn exclusive discounts and freebies by ordering coffee, ingredients and accessories (excluding water filters).

Depending on your annual spend, this can get you discounted or even free servicing for your coffee machine.

Ensure your machine is running to its greatest potential, as well as giving your customers fantastic coffee all year around. We reccommend giving your machine a service at least ever 12 months.

This helps keep them working for longer, and reducing the risk of breakdowns or poor quality coffee. Preemptive maintenance is always a smart idea, especially on something you rely on to serve your customers.