Expobar Coffee Machines

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  1. Expobar Pico (with Grinder) Coffee Machine
    Designed to fit into those tight spaces Learn More
    From: £1,375.00 or £9.49 p/wk
  2. Expobar G10 Compact Coffee Machine
    Big machine performance from a smaller model Learn More
    From: £1,495.00 or £10.49 p/wk
  3. Expobar Megacrem Compact Coffee Machine
    Compact control and power in a simple but stylish package Learn More
    From: £1,525.00 or £10.99 p/wk
  4. Expobar Monroc Coffee Machine
    Hardworking, reliable and but never understated Learn More
    From: £1,545.00 or £10.99 p/wk
  5. Expobar Zircon Compact Coffee Machine
    Small footprint, big potential Learn More
    From: £1,745.00 or £12.49 p/wk
  6. Expobar Zircon Integral (with Grinder) Coffee Machine
    A one-stop shop for exceptional espresso Learn More
    From: £1,795.00 or £12.49 p/wk
  7. Expobar Megacrem Display Espresso Machine
    Simple and elegant but with massive potential for excellence. Learn More
    From: £2,045.00 or £14.49 p/wk
  8. Expobar Zircon Coffee Machine
    A true espresso making powerhouse Learn More
    From: £2,045.00 or £14.49 p/wk
  9. Expobar G10 Display Coffee Machine
    Sophisticated and suitable for all establishments Learn More
    From: £2,165.00 or £14.99 p/wk
  10. Expobar Carat Eco Coffee Machine
    The diamond standard espresso machine Learn More
    From: £2,345.00 or £16.49 p/wk
  11. Expobar Diamant Pro Coffee Machine
    Glitzy, glamorous, and the barista's best friend Learn More
    From: £4,095.00 or £28.49 p/wk


Each of our range of Expobar espresso machines has been perfectly crafted and tailored to meet the demands of the global market.

A popular brand, Expobar has been in the business of manufacturing coffee machines for the professional market since the mid-1980s, though Expobar has had a long history with coffee that stretches back to the company's inception some fifty years ago.

One of the biggest names on the continent, Expobar's management team has always been aware of the ever-changing landscape of the speciality coffee scene.

With a commitment to extracting the perfect espresso, the company has continually updated and developed new machines to accommodate the latest technologies.

Many models have innovative features, including the popular Pico and Markus Control Plus models have coffee grinder options built into machines if counter space is limited.

If you ask what the secret is to great espresso, many baristas from all corners of the world will tell you the answer is Expobar.

Our full range of Expobar espresso machines offer a wide range of coffee options for all types of business.