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Jura Coffee Machines

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Jura Coffee Machine Range

A leader and coffee industry pioneer, Jura has helped define the bean to cup coffee machine market having evolved from a household appliance manufacturer to one of the world's most renowned coffee machine manufacturers. 

Based in Switzerland, they have seen the introduction of many of common components that we now expect to see on both commercial and home automatic coffee makers.

The dedication that Jura has to both form and function has seen many of their products receive the highest design accolade in the form of the Red Dot Design award.

Popular ranges such as the Jura GIGA bean to cup coffee machines have been one such recipient, garnering attention from within the industry as possibly the finest units of its type.

Attention to the finer details also includes the user experience, and so, the entire Jura range is at home in a multitude of locations where quality coffee is required or wanted.

Jura Bean to Cup Machines

Automating the coffee brewing process and taking away the need for a dedicated barista means that our entire selection — that includes the XJ9, WE6 and WE8 machines — are perfectly suited for offices, service stations, supermarkets and, of course, the coffee shop.

Self-service operation is a major proponent of why these coffee machines are so popular and sought after, simple operation and fantastic results are guaranteed.

Utilising their own 'holy trinity' of accessibility, usability and outstanding aesthetics since 1931, it's no wonder that Jura has become the choice for many seeking bean to cup coffee excellence.

Tank Fill or Mains Plumbed Coffee Machines

Jura offers both Tank Fill or Mains Plumbed machines, giving you the choice depending on your situation. It can sometimes be difficult or impossible to get a water supply to the location you need it, so a tank fill machine gives you the ability to site the coffee machine where you need it. The tank is removable to allow you to fill it easily.

A mains plumbed machine keeps itself filled and ready with hot water for brewing coffee, saving you time and effort refilling.

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