Fairtrade Organic Java Coffee Beans

Rich in flavour, this single origin has all the hallmarks of a great Indonesian arabica. Faitrade certified and organically farmed, this coffee has an engaging profile of smoked spice, liquorice and red wine

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Grown in the plantations that cloak the northern tip of Sumatra, this Fairtrade and Organic certified Indonesian single origin is big, bold and beautiful.

With smoky and spicy notes, and a deep, dark fruitiness, this is one of our favourites.

Fairtrade & Organic Sumatra Blue Lintong Arabica

The PPKGO Cooperative is a collection of farmers that are based in the Aceh Region of northern Sumatra. Together they produce the Sumatra Blue Lington which is exclusively used here.

Shade grown under natural and man-made canopies, this high quality, organically certified arabica is famed for its smoky and spiced flavours.

If you're looking for a quintessential 'Java', then this is the coffee for you!

A decade ago tragedy struck the Aceh region. As many of you will remember, the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 devastated the region, destroying important transit routes, mills and homes, and claimed the lives of a number of people affiliated with the PPKGO. The money the PPKGO had saved through their affiliation with Fairtrade enabled them to rebuild and over the years they have invested in numerous renovation projects, many of which continue to this day.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – PPKGO
  • Growing Altitude – 1000m+
  • Growing Method – Shade Grown
  • Processing Method – Washed


Rich and full flavoured, this coffee is bold and beautiful in equal measures. There are prominent notes of smoke, spice and liquorice, and almost earthy finish (a hallmark of true Indonesian coffees), yet alongside this there is a rich, fruitiness which reminds us of a deep and complex red wine.

This single origin makes a wonderfully smooth and fruity espresso, and a rich, creamy milky drink.

Brewing Info

Ideal Brewing Temperature: 88-90°C

Brewing Notes: Brew at a lower temperature to bring out the delicate fruit and floral notes, higher if you wish to push the earthier notes to the fore.