Sweetbird Amaretto Syrup

Classic flavour of apricots and almond

Approved for Vegan diets by VIVA!

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Legend has it that a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci received the first bottle of amaretto in 1525 as a thankyou from one of his models. Obviously, we can't validate that story without a time machine and a trip to Saronno, but we like the tale enough to believe it anyway.

The distinct taste of amaretto has become a favourite and due to its Italian origin, it seems only fair that it gets mixed in with a latte. With its subtle notes of apricot and a classically familiar hint of almond, Sweetbird's Amaretto Syrup is sure to be a popular choice time and time again.

Amaretto Latte

You'll need
  • Sweetbird Amaretto Syrup
  • Double Espresso
  • Steamed milk
  1. Add a pump of the Sweetbird syrup to an espresso
  2. Pour in the steamed milk, give it a quick stir
  3. Serve

The Nutcracker

This wonderful latte is absolutely nutty! By mixing together the almond-like taste of amaretto and hazelnut, you can whip up a deliciously autumnal tasting flavoured coffee that will be enjoyed all the way through the festive season.

You'll need Method
  1. Add the shot of Amaretto Syrup to your espresso
  2. Steam your milk
  3. Add the shot of Hazelnut Syrup to the milk
  4. Combine the milk and espresso
  5. Serve! (Or store in a safe place until winter)