Sweetbird Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate heaven

Approved for Vegetarians

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Sweetbird has channeled the true essence of chocolate, condensed it and then made it available in their wildly popular flavoured syrup.

With a myriad of uses, this delectable syrup is extremely versatile because, frankly, everything is better with a little bit of chocolate!

Never too sweet and not at all too bitter, Sweetbird Chocolate Syrup is always just right. Free from artificial preservatives, colours and made without the use of high fructose corn syrup, what more could you want?

Neapolitan Steamer

This is one requires a little bit of skill and a little bit of practice. But once you've mastered it you should be left with a layered masterpiece and showstopping signature.

You'll need Method
  1. Put the chocolate syrup in one cup and fill it a third of the way with milk
  2. In a separate container combined with strawberry and vanilla sauces with another portion of milk
  3. Pour this into the cup
  4. Top with a thick layer of foam and serve