Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup

Add a little bit of sophistication and subtlety

No artificial colouring

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Add a comforting and recognisable twist to your drinks with a shot or two of Sweetbird's vanilla flavoured syrup. Whether you want to liven up coffees or add a sophisticated note to your hot chocolates, this is one product that should be front and centre and well used.

Read on for some serving suggestions.....

Vanilla Latte

You'll need
  • Two pumps of Sweetbird Vanilla Syrup
  • Double Espresso
  • Steamed milk
  • Optional: Chocolate powder
  1. Add the vanilla syrup to your espresso
  2. Pour in the steamed milk
  3. Optional: Finish off with a light dusting of chocolate powder

London Fog

Common in Canada and increasingly popular on this side of the Atlantic the London Fog combines a traditional variety of tea with a subtle shot of vanilla syrup. Give it a whirl - it's comfortingly delicious!

You'll need
  • Double shot of Sweetbird's Vanilla Syrup
  • Earl Grey teabag
  • Hot water
  • Steamed milk
  1. Make a cup of Earl Grey tea, leaving the bag to brew for a couple of minutes
  2. Add the two shots of syrup
  3. Pour in a splash of steamed milk
  4. Give it all a quick mix and then serve