Sweetbird Eggnog Syrup

Fantastically festive

Free from GMOs

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It just wouldn't be the festive period without injecting a shot or two of Sweetbird's Eggnog Syrup into your lattes.

Eggnog may be heavily associated with our American and Canadian cousins' celebrations at certain times of the year, but we think it is time to reclaim it. One popular origin story states that it first appeared in East Anglia and most academics are certain it was a popular drink on our shores before it ever became a cultural staple across the pond.

Free from bad things such as artificial colourings, preservatives and GMOs, Sweetbird's Eggnog Syrup is an absolute treat and will certainly liven up those speciality selections in no time at all!

Eggnog Latte

You'll need
  • Two shots of Sweetbird Eggnog Syrup
  • Double Espresso
  • Steamed milk
  1. Add the shots of syrup to the espresso
  2. Top up with steamed milk
  3. Optional: Top with nutmeg or cinnamon!

Christmas Steamer

A caffeine free option here that's about as festive as it comes!

You'll need Method
  1. Fill a glass with the heated milk
  2. Mix in the syrups and sauces
  3. Give it all one final stir
  4. Top with whipped cream