Sweetbird French Vanilla Syrup

Darn fine!

No artificial colourings

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Sweetbird French Vanilla syrup has an intense, slightly custardy, vanilla flavour that will radicalise your drinks menu in a moment. It's so nice that we'd say it's darn fine and that you seriously should try some!

For those wondering, French vanilla refers to a specific way of making vanilla that deviates ever so subtly from the conventional method. The result is a vanilla that is slightly stronger than normal, is full of fragrance and has a distinct custardy note to it.


Vanilla Latte

You'll need
  • One shot of Sweetbird French Vanilla Syrup
  • Double espresso
  • Steamed milk
  1. Brew your excellent espresso
  2. Add the shot of syrup to it
  3. Pour in the milk
  4. Serve

French Vanilla Nut Cappuccino

The classic Italian cappuccino meets the fantastic flavours of French vanilla, all complimented by a slight hint of hazelnut.

Who ever dreamed this up deserves a knighthood!

You'll need Method
  1. Brew your espresso
  2. Foam (not steam!) your milk
  3. Add the shots of syrup to the espresso
  4. Pour on the foamed milk to create your cappuccino