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Sweetbird Honeycomb Syrup

Sweetbird Honeycomb Syrup

Reminiscent of your favourite honeycomb chocolate bar.

Made without any artificial colouring

Quantity: 1 x1 litre

Code: SSE17M

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The taste of honeycomb captured, without the texture. Deliciously sweet and smooth, the subtle caramel and honey flavours are an instant taste sensation..

Related to cinder toffee, honeycomb originated in the 17th century and is often linked with Guy Fawkes Night.

The nostalgic, delicious taste of honeycomb is back, and Sweetbird have added this delicious flavour to their ever-growing creative syrup selection.

Honeycomb Hot Chocolate

A perfect pairing, this drink is perfect for a cold winters evening, bonfire night, or an evening keeping warm indoors.

You'll need Method
  1. Quarter-fill a milk jug and add 1 scoop of Caffe Society Original Hot Chocolate
  2. Pour in 2 pumps of Sweetbird Honeycomb Syrup
  3. Froth the milk with the steam wand until you have a smooth, foamy consistency
  4. Pour into a big mug
  5. Top with chocolate sprinkles and enjoy!

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