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Sweetbird Orange Syrup

Its pretty unique!

Free from any Genetically Modified Organisms

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Great whatever the weather, bring a little bit of the sunshine to your range of speciality drinks with the addition of some Sweetbird Orange Syrup

Only one recognised word rhymes with orange, but the term 'sporange' is pretty dated which makes orange somewhat unique - and a shot of orange syrup mixed into your hot chocolates and frappes will create some beverages that are equally unique!

Orange Hot Chocolate

You'll need Method
  1. Mix the sauce and syrup together in a cup
  2. Add the steamed milk
  3. Tip! When using the syrup, remember it is acidic so mix it really well with the chocolate sauce before adding the milk if you want to preserve its flavour

Orange and Peach Soothie

A Soothie is a heated smoothie that warms customers up and is a brilliant - and often fruity - alternative to traditional winter drinks such as flavoured coffees and hot chocolates. This is a brilliant mix of orange and peach - give it a whirl!

You'll need Method
  1. Pour the smoothie mix into a cup
  2. Add the syrup and stir
  3. Fill up the cup with hot water
  4. Give the Soothie one final stir before serving