Sweetbird Toasted Marshmallow Syrup

A sweet scorcher!

Made without the use of GMOs

Quantity: 1 x 1 litre

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The taste of toasted marshmallows conjures up memories of nights spent by an open fire with friends reminiscing about old-times and planning new ones.

This brilliantly sweet flavour works wonderfully with your signature hot chocolates, adding a further warming note to your drinks whilst also bringing a distinct subtly sweet edge. So if you fancy adding a little something extra to your menu boards as the nights begin to draw in then a bottle of Sweetbird Toasted Marshmallow syrup is the product for you.

Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

You'll need Method
  1. Pour the contents of the hot chocolate sachet into a mug
  2. Fill the mug up with the heated milk
  3. Stir well
  4. Add the shots of syrup
  5. Stir one final time
  6. Optional: Finish off by topping the drink with some mini-mallows

The Rocky Road Hot Chocolate

Don't worry, a trip down the Rocky Road is a smooth journey filled with great flavours. Chocolate, cherry and marshmallows combine - oh my!

You'll need Method
  1. Combine the syrups and sauce together in a cup
  2. Add the steamed milk
  3. Give it a good old mix and then serve