How To Store Coffee Beans

It’s best to keep coffee beans in the dark

Unfortunately, coffee does not exist in a permanent state of suspended animation.

Whilst the beans will still be safe for brewing and consumption months after they were roasted, all the key characteristics will have long since departed.

We therefore recommend that beans be used up within a few weeks of purchase, or failing that, stored in the correct way.

Coffee Bean Storage

*Not a recommended storage method

By storing your coffee beans correctly, you will maximise the longevity of coffee’s flavour, and by following these simple do's and don'ts you should never have an issue!

The basics of storing your fresh coffee beans are remarkably easy:

Because coffee is porous it has the ability to absorb traits from its environment such as moisture and smells, all of which has an effect on the coffee quality.

How to keep coffee

Firstly, store coffee in an airtight opaque container which is placed in a cupboard, but one that is well away from an external walls or heat sources such as an oven, boiler or radiator.

If you do wish to keep the beans in their original packaging then ensure that top of the bag is rolled down as far as possible and sealed shut with an elastic band or, preferably, a piece of adhesive tape.

The aim here is to keep as much air out of the bag as possible and, as always, store in a location away from direct sunlight.

When using coffee during opening hours, you could be tempted to fill the hopper up at the beginning of the day.

We advise that you regularly add beans as and when they are required and not in bulk, especially if you are not using an on-demand coffee grinder.

This means that the coffee’s taste and aroma remains intact right up to the point of consumption, ensuring you to make more flavoursome lattes and cappuccinos.

Should you freeze coffee?

This is one question that we get asked on a regular basis.

The general rule of thumb here is no.

However, if you have bought in bulk and will be unable to use all of the beans in a reasonable amount of time, then exceptions can be made.

If freezing you should only do so once and you should follow these steps:

  • Separate the coffee into daily portions – This will allow you to only take out the quantity of coffee that you require. The freezing and thawing process will see the beans lose some of their traits, so it is vital to only subject them to this procedure once.
  • Double (or triple) bag the beans - Freezers are ripe with moisture and this will help protect your coffee from being damaged.

Oh and finally - never store your coffee in the fridge!