• Dynamometric tamper - The dynamometric tamper leads to much more consistent and easier work for the barista.
  • Incredible precision - Micrometric adjustments can be made via the tuning dial, giving a much more refined and precise ground coffee.
  • Long life burrs - Made from titanium and long-lasting steel, never worry about overheating with this grinder.
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Bean hopper capacity: 1.3kg
  • Grinding output: 15kg per hour
  • 75mm burrs
  • Dimensions(mm): 188wx595hx497d


Featuring classic stylings and looks with new grinding technology, the Victoria Arduino Mythos Plus provides your coffee shop and barista with a truly quality coffee grinding capabilities, meaning much more flavoursome and consistent speciality coffee.

A slew of advanced features transform this from a good coffee grinder to a standout addition to your coffee-making process.

Enhanced features

The Mythos Plus includes a dynamometric tamper, which tamps ground coffee directly after the grinding process. This helps ensure that tamping is consistent and makes a barista's life that little bit easier.

Victoria Arduino Mythos Plus

Repeatable results whilst under pressure are a major reason that this is such a superb grinder for high-end coffee shops and establishments looking to truly enhance their coffee output.

Full control

Micrometric grinding controls on the Mythos Plus exceed the traditional 'intermediate spaces' settings on many other grinders; instead allowing for incredibly precise micro adjustments to be made at any time.

Arduino Mythos Adjustment

Adjustments can be made quickly and easily via the tuning dial, true baristas will be able to 'dial in' the grind to produce amazing espresso results.

Built to last

Using a combination of Italian craftsmanship and quality materials, the Mythos Plus has been designed and manufactured to withstand high-level output environments.

Burrs are manufactured from titanium and a special steel composite to last much longer than standard steel counterparts. 

Mythos Plus Burrs

Not only does this mean that burrs last longer, they also produce less heat, which ensures that the full organoleptic qualities of the coffee are preserved.

Meaning better tasting coffee without compromise.



Dimensions WxHxD mm 188x510x400
Power 230V/800W
Voltage 230V
Bean hopper capacity 1.3Kg
Grinding adjustment Micrometric
Productivity (Kg/h) 15
Grinding speed (sec/dose) 2.7
Burrs 75mm
Gross weight 25kg
Net weight 23kg